East McDowell Middle School

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SRO Padgett with a student in the cafeteria.
Students playing in band class
Mr Finley eating lunch with students
Students in Mrs. Brown's classroom.
Mrs. Alacron with students.
Boys basketball team
Student playing guitar
Student, teacher and SRO standing in the lobby.
Students being honored by MPD
Front Of East McDowell Middle School
Mrs. H and a student.
Student looking into a microscope.
Student eating ice cream.
Guitar class
Students arriving at school
Students and teacher making a human current
Student showing off his favorite book
Student working on art.
Mrs. McKinney, Mrs. Croymans and Mr. Wheeler
Mrs. Pershing teacher of the year
Girls basketball team
Students working in class.
Students in the band room with Mr. Wilson.
6th-grade students working together on a project.
Students working together to complete an assignment.
Students working in class.
Boys basketball game
Mr. Finley helping a student with her lock.
6th-grade students in the cafeteria.
Students playing a word game.
Volleyball team at a game.
Students being greeted as they enter school.
Picture of the updated lobby.

Principal's Message

Principal Croymans and Family
 Everyone who teaches is “called” to education in some way and at some time. We all get that “calling”. Some get it early in life and others, like myself, get it when we least expect. As a young child, I was taught the importance of education. My mother loved to learn and passed her love of learning on to me. As I grew older, I realized that my passion for learning went deeper -- I also had a passion to work with children!
My personal belief is that all students are capable of being learners and learning information. Learning is a skill that we all possess. However, my belief is that learning may look different for every individual and it is our responsibility to identify and address the cognitive learning style of each student. A successful educator will prepare lessons that are beneficial to every student. Educators plant seeds of “cool” knowledge into their students’ lives each and every day. Some seeds need extra watering and need special attention. A successful educator can and will identify those needs and create fun and innovative ways to provide support and information to those students.
Principal Jennifer Croymans

News & Announcements

Fall Sports Pictures Infomation

Fall sports pictures (football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading) will be Monday, September 24th after school. Please click on the following link to pre-pay for pictures.

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Events Photo
8th Social Studies PLC-Examining Data
Date: 9/21/2018, 10 AM 10:47 AM
6th Grade Social Studies PLC
Date: 9/21/2018, 11:10 AM 11:51 AM
7th Grade Social Studies PLC-Examining Data/Backward Design
Date: 9/21/2018, 11:53 AM 12:45 PM
7th Science PLC
Date: 9/21/2018, 12:40 PM 1:22 PM
8th Science PLC
Date: 9/21/2018, 1:37 PM 2:27 PM